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In 1997 Andrea Fiaccadori and Ludovica Santini joined forces, uniting their relative architectural and interiors experience to form the associated firm STUDIO-OIKOS. With two such complimentary architects, OIKOS provides rationality, technical ability and imagination to meet the needs of the most exacting clients and their individual requirements. Assistance and dedication, first to the project and then on the building site, are at the forefront of STUDIO OIKOS specialist service; we provide all the necessary support to the client until the completion of the works, but also afterwards.

The firm’s ambition is to understand the client’s taste, refine it and guide the design process toward an outcome that reflects their individuality. Home and office are not seen as mere spaces, but environments designed to suit the user. This is why, amongst our portfolio of work, there are very different, coexisting styles. Care is always taken to preserve original architectonic and historical elements and to combine them with modern day functionality.

Always up to date with current trends in technology, building materials and finishes, we are able to provide cutting edge, technical solutions in line with the rapidly evolving environment, thanks also to the collaborations with carefully selected artisans we have developed over time.
A passion for eco-sustainable architecture has led us to fully explore the field of natural materials, which we consistently use in our projects. Our commitment to research has made us long-standing pioneers in the modern use of wood and its derivatives for building structures, their insulation and finishes. This now allows us to offer our customers products of the highest technological quality, which at the same time is environmentally sustainable and gives incomparable living comfort.

Over the years, STUDIO-OIKOS has also worked in joint venture with other firms, in Italy and abroad, should the client require it, to expand the services on offer in an increasingly specialized, professional world.


We offer a free interior design advisory service, whether for an existing property or before the purchase of a new one.
We will help you draw up a project that most relates to your needs, or help you design a new building on the plot of your interest.

Our advisory service is targeted at clients with high-end needs, but also more broadly to those who wish to create a project that will add value to their investments. We collaborate on site and, through CAD designs, will produce a tailor-made proposal.
Through our network of professionals, building companies and artisans, with whom we work on a daily basis, we are able to satisfy any request in the real estate field, both in Italy and abroad.

STUDIO-OIKOS has been working in France for many years where we have developed a sound understanding of local regulations, giving us the ability to move just as nimbly there as in Italy, with a constant on-site presence to closely follow project developments.
Our specific focus on wooden structures and eco-bio-compatible materials, utilized by OIKOS since 2010 and of which we are the strongest of supporters, puts us amongst the fore-runners for design with these building systems.

Via Aleardo Aleardi 14, 20154 Milano